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Cabergoline Side Effects

We’ve previously discussed about Cabergoline in bodybuilding and we shared a few details about Cabergoline side effects in the previous blog post. Nonetheless, before you actually start using Cabergoline, I highly recommend everyone to read about this compound as much as possible. Moreover, I highly recommend checking its side effects. This way you’ll be aware of what you can expect out of using it.

Important Facts About Cabergoline

  • Cabergoline is only coming as tablets that you need to use by mouth.
  • Do not use tablets too often, Cabergoline half-life is 3 days!
  • You need to use Cabergoline for treating high levels of prolactin.
  • Cabergoline side effects have a strong connection with the dosage you use.
  • If you get a prescription for Cabergoline, use it exactly as prescribed by the doctor.

What is Cabergoline?


Cabergoline is a medication that is reducing prolactin hormone levels. It comes in the form of oral tablets and is a fungi derivative (ergot alkaloid derived). This product works by lowering high levels of prolactin, a condition known as hyperprolactinemia. This is usually occurring when your pituitary gland is producing too much prolactin for whatever reason. Such as issues with hormones or issues with the pituitary gland.

Nonetheless, some specific anabolic steroids such as Nandrolone and Trenbolone (whatever esters) convert into prolactin. Using an anabolic steroid cycle with either (or especially both) of these steroids is likely to increase prolactin levels above the normal range. Too high prolactin levels are leading to different side effects. In women, it affects ovulation, menstrual cycles, and breast milk production among others.

However, in men, prolactin has a very strong connection with sexual desire. It can decrease the sex drive. The levels of prolactin spike after a man ejaculates. That’s why men lose interest in sex. Maintaining high levels of prolactin a man would suffer from low libido. That’s why some steroids decrease libido. High prolactin can lead to other issues too, such as gynecomastia, erectile dysfunction, and others.

How Does it Work?

Cabergoline is actually a Dopamine D2 agonist. This means that Cabergoline is going to enhance the effects of dopamine. This is a chemical that your body naturally produces. This chemical is preventing the pituitary gland (lactotroph cells) from releasing prolactin. So, when you use cabergoline, it binds to dopamine receptors enhancing their effects. Therefore, your pituitary gland is releasing less prolactin. As a result, the overall prolactin levels decrease.


Before You Use Cabergoline

Cabergoline is a product that is capable of causing heart valve issues and fibrosis. If you have a history of such issues, or especially suffer from one of them – either avoid Cabergoline altogether or talk to your doctor.

Immediately stop using this drug if you’re experiencing allergic symptoms. People may experience allergies from Cabergoline the same way as from any other medication. Allergy symptoms are the same as allergic reactions to any other compound. Serious allergic reactions include: trouble breathing and swelling of your throat and/or tongue. Do not use Cabergoline if you’re allergic to it and seek immediate help if you experience allergic reactions.

Avoid Cabergoline If Have One or Multiple Of These Health Conditions (Contraindications):


  • Heart Issues. Especially if you have heart valve issues.
  • Tissues scarring. Especially scarred tissues in the lungs, kidneys, heart, or stomach.
  • Liver issues. Ensure that your liver is capable of processing Cabergoline well.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding. Women shouldn’t use Cabergoline for bodybuilding purposes in the first place. Only by prescription. Only men may need Cabergoline for bodybuilding. Cabergoline may stop breast milk production.

Things to Consider

If you use Cabergoline oral tablet, you should know:

  • I highly recommend using this drug with food to reduce the chances of Cabergoline side effects
  • You can cut or crush the tablet
  • There’s no need to use it more often than twice a week because of its long half life
  • Store it in proper storage conditions to ensure maximum efficacy of the product
  • I highly recommend checking your prolactin before and after administration – you’ll be able to have a better picture of how it works for you
  • Cabergoline is the most powerful prolactin inhibitor. Other alternatives are available too, but Cabergoline is preferred in medical settings and the bodybuilding world.
  • Using it for bodybuilding needs (without a doctor’s approval) do it very carefully. Start with a very low dosage (0.25 mg 2x a week, maximum) and do not increase too sharply.

Take Cabergoline As Needed

Most people, especially bodybuilders, use Cabergoline for short term treatment. Usually, longer treatments are for prolactin related tumors, but I suggest following a doctor’s treatment in such cases.

If you would stop taking it when you have high prolactin levels, then hormone’s levels will remain high. High prolactin levels in women lead to different issues such as ovulation, menstrual, and emotional changes. In men, high prolactin levels result in decreased sex drive, libido, fertility as well as gynecomastia.

Don’t take too much, because Cabergoline is going to inhibit too much prolactin. Moreover, dangerous levels of the drug in the body can lead to various symptoms. Some examples of Cabergoline overdose include: nasal congestion, fainting as well as low prolactin levels.

How to tell Cabergoline is working? First off, if you’re using Cabergoline for bodybuilding purposes, you should first develop some symptoms of high prolactin before actually using it. Unless you previously used Cabergoline and you’re experienced. Therefore, you know the dosage of this drug, based on the dosage of the steroids you use, to prevent high prolactin levels. In other cases, you should use it when you have high prolactin symptoms. You can tell the drug works because those symptoms fade away. A blood test is the best way to determine if you have high levels of prolactin. And also how much they decreased as a result of using Cabergoline. That’s why I recommend having blood tests regularly.

How to Administer Cabergoline?

As mentioned – Cabergoline is coming as an oral tablet. There are different brand names. Cabergoline is the active substance name. Yet, you could find it as brand Caber, Cabgoline, Dostinex, and many others.

All of them come as tablets in different strength forms. Pay attention to the strength versions. The dosage that you need to administer depends on your prolactin levels and your body’s response to this drug.


The level of prolactin is highly dependent on a lot of different factors such as

  • Your gender
  • Age
  • Steroids you use
  • Dosages
  • And numerous others

Therefore, adjust dosages according to your own needs. Check how you react to the first dosage and then you may increase or decrease.

I highly recommend using it with food and before going to bed. Due to the long half-life, there’s no need to use it more often than 2 times a week. Steroid users may find enough to use it only once weekly. Some only use Cabergoline periodically, when they notice high prolactin levels. It could be only 1, 2, 3, etc. times per entire 8-14 weeks cycle length.

Dosages usually start at 0.25 mg per dose. Usually twice a week. Sometimes, steroid users notice they need a slightly higher dose so they increase it up to 0.5 mg twice a week. The maximum Cabergoline dosage is 1mg twice a week. But that’s a dosage that only a few people need in specific situations.

Cabergoline Interactions With Other Drugs

There are some drugs that may interact with Cabergoline. So, I would recommend avoiding the use of these drugs together with Cabergoline. That’s because by administering them together, they would cancel each other’s effects. Cabergoline is working in the exact opposite way that these drugs work. They are:

  • Antipsychotic drugs like chlorpromazine, haloperidol, thiothixene, and prochlorperazine
  • Anti nausea drugs like promethazine and metoclopramide.

Also, avoid the use of Cabergoline with Bromocriptine because they enhance the effects of lowering prolactin, which may lead to dangerous inhibition of prolactin levels.

Cabergoline Side Effects in Men

If you’re using Cabergoline due to your doctor prescribing it to you – please ask your doctor about all the possible side effects. Also, describe all the side effects that you may experience while using it. Women should not use Cabergoline for physique and performance enhancement (off label). So, I’m going to describe Cabergoline side effects in men, in those who use it for reducing the side effects of prolactin increasing anabolic steroids.

Bodybuilders rarely report any side effects when they use this product properly. Usually, that’s in a 0.25 mg dosage twice a week, taken with a light meal right before going to bed. But using it on an empty stomach some report experiencing stomach pain.


Some people, however, may experience other side effects too. Here’s a list of more common side effects of Cabergoline that you should be aware of:

  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Tiredness
  • Lack of energy
  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Headache

In a few days or weeks, these side effects tend to disappear by themselves and they tend to be mild. If they are persistent even after weeks and/or they get worse and/or are unbearable – either reduce the dosage or stop the use altogether.

In very rare situations, some people may experience serious Cabergoline side effects. Usually, it appears in case the person is:

  • Suffering from heart valve problems
  • Having scarring of tissues in organs
  • Allergic to the compound
  • Having a hyper reaction
  • Abusing this drug

In case of serious side effects, stop the use of Cabergoline immediately. It can include shortness of breath, coughing, heart issues, swelling of some parts of the body, chest pain, and others.

Low Prolactin Cabergoline Side Effects

In case you administer too high a Cabergoline dosage, your level of prolactin may go too low. Exactly as with high prolactin that has negative symptoms, too low prolactin levels also have negative symptoms. Most common Cabergoline side effects are a result of using too high doses. This leads to the following issues:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Inability to reach an orgasm
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • And various others


In the end, Cabergoline is a very popular and effective ancillary for anabolic steroids. It’s extremely helpful at lowering prolactin levels. But if you’re using too high dosages – you’re likely to experience Cabergoline side effects. There are rare situations in which a person may experience side effects even in normal doses. But then again, that’s a very rare occurrence when your body is overreacting to the drug, you have allergies to it or suffer from some pre existing health issues.



To keep Cabergoline side effects at bay, you need to learn how to use it correctly. Moreover, you need to make sure you buy the purest Cabergoline of the best quality.

BUY CABERGOLINE HERE has proven numerous times that you can have trust in the products you receive from us. We’re offering the best quality compounds, including anabolic steroids and their ancillaries such as Cabergoline – all for the cheapest prices on the market.

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