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Anyone in bodybuilding who is doing anabolic steroids should buy Anastrozole. Ask any professional steroid user and he would agree with that. It may not be specifically Anastrozole, but definitely at least some Aromatase Inhibitor (AI).

Nonetheless, Anastrozole with the brand Arimidex (but it can be found sold under many other trademarks) is considered the most popular and widely used AI among bodybuilders.

Whilst you can buy Anastrozole (and other AIs) from this site for medical purposes as well, most people buying the compound here, need it for bodybuilding purposes.

Anastrozole-Ice-Pharmaceuticals-2 Buy Anastrozole Here

The reason why bodybuilders buy Anastrozole is to control the estrogenic related side effects during the cycle with aromatized anabolic steroids. Not all steroids are aromatized, but most of them do aromatize into estrogen.

  • Examples: Testosterone (all esters), Nandrolone – Deca, Boldenone – Equipoise, MethandienoneDianabol and many more. If you plan on running aromatized steroids during cycles, especially in higher doses and / or for longer periods – is an extremely good idea to buy Anastrozole and add it to your cycle as an estrogenic protection, or at least to have it handy in case you notice estrogen related issues.

The reason why specifically Anastrozole (Arimidex) is most popular AI for bodybuilders to control estrogen levels is because Anastrozole is the cheapest option compared to other 2 AIs, is the compound that’s offering least side effects because is not as powerful as other 2 AIs (and bodybuilders, generally, do not need so powerful compounds) and you can easier adjust the required dosage.


That’s why buy AnastrozoleArimidex from to have some estrogenic protection that is very important, otherwise you’re very likely to develop estrogen related side effects such as water retention (bloating), development of breast tissues (gynecomastia), high blood pressure (hypertension) and various others.

Nonetheless, before you actually buy Anastrozole and use it, it is very important to learn how to properly run this powerful Aromatase Inhibitor.

That’s because if you’re going to use too much of it – you would suppress levels of estrogen way too much and that’s also going to lead to negative side effects such as: low libido and sex drive, erectile dysfunction, low energy and fatigue, low mood, depression, inability to gain strength and muscles etc.

That’s why estrogen levels must be kept in the normal range. There are 2 estrogen forms present in men: estrone and estradiol. Usually, bodybuilders try to keep their estradiol levels in between 20-30 picogram / mL.

  • Too much Anastrozole and estradiol levels drop too much.
  • Not enough Anastrozole and estradiol levels (during the use of aromatized steroids) increase too much.


To determine the dosage of ArimidexAnastrozole, you need to take in consideration various factors:

  • Rate of aromatization of steroids (some don’t aromatize, others aromatize more than others).
  • Dosage of aromatizable steroids
  • Cycle length of aromatizable steroids
  • How many aromatized steroids are combined during cycle
  • Personal response to the compound and likelihood to get increased estrogen levels
  • Age, weight, estrogen levels prior to starting the use of Arimidex etc.

Generally, for bodybuilders, AnastrozoleArimidex dosage is falling in the range of 0.5 mg every 3-4 days as much as 1 mg every day. Again, dosage is determined based on all factors earlier mentioned.

In the end, buy Anastrozole – Arimidex from to receive the best quality products for the cheapest possible prices.

We’re working exclusively only with the best companies that manufacture compounds under all the strictest GMP standards. Therefore, all compounds you can buy from this site are ensuring maximum possible quality.

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  • Plus to that, you’re ensured to save money compared to many other sources. Except for the fact that you can save on prescription when you buy Anastrozole from us, we’re offering lowest prices for these products, for all brands.

In the end, we are a source of anabolic steroids for sale including their ancillaries with a large database of customers, thereby we have a reputation to maintain and unlike many of our competitors, we won’t ever offer mediocre quality products and compounds not offering dosage as stated. If Anastrozole pills say it contains 1 mg, then it contains 1 mg.

Save money for the highest quality products and make sure you won’t regret it!

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