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People suffering from acne would really find Accutane a very helpful compound. The active substance is Isotretinoin. Except for Accutane, it comes in numerous other brand names. Whatever the case, this product is mainly effective at treating cystic acne with a high success rate. So, people suffering from bad cases of cystic acne might find this compound highly effective.

Accutane is a product that you can obtain only via prescription in the USA. However, in other countries, you can find it as an over the counter product.

Anabolic steroids have a reputation for causing skin issues, especially when it comes to causing acne. That’s why there are a lot of people who search for anti acne solutions when using steroids. And there’s barely anything else better than Accutane to deal with acne. Bodybuilders use it for dealing with the negative side effects of steroids on their skin, especially related to acne.

In medical settings, doctors may prescribe Accutane to patients with certain types of skin cancers or certain types of skin diseases. Yet, its main use still remains treatment of acne.

Some bodybuilders who have experience both with Accutane and anabolic steroids use it as a preventative measure too. For example, when they know they would experience acne because they start to use steroids, they add a low dosage of Accutane to prevent acne from appearing in the first place.

What is Accutane?

ultima-accutane-20Accutane (brand name) with active substance Isotretinoin is a vitamin A isomer. It is a type of retinoid. A small amount of retinoid is found in the body naturally too. When using it, as said, it works as a vitamin A isomer leading to inhibition of sebum production. It reduces the amount of oil (sebum) that the oil glands in the skin produce.

Without it, it’s very hard for acne to form, thus it significantly reduces in size. Accutane is a very powerful product that you should be very careful with. Almost all patients who are using Isotretinoin are having a great success rate when it comes to treating acne with Accutane. That’s how powerful this stuff is.

  • However, it is usually a “last resort” because of the possible side effects. It is very powerful and therefore, it’s very likely to cause side effects. I recommend being very careful with it and starting slowly.

Higher doses are more effective, especially when you have a bad acne case. But higher doses are also more dangerous.


It does a great job in dealing with the skin condition that we all are familiar with. It helps clean the black/whiteheads, and the pimples, and overall cleans the greasy skin. Acne is a condition that is mostly appearing on those parts of the body that have the most oil glands. That’s your face, chest, and back.  But then again, be very careful with it.

How Does Acne Affect Bodybuilders?

Bodybuilders use Accutane because they want to look good, of course. Especially since most of them have shows, photoshoots, and competitions. I recommend implementing natural remedies before using Accutane, as said, because of the possible side effects. Even when you do add Accutane, continue with the natural anti-acne remedies.

Acne is a condition that is very close to your genetics. In around 80% of cases, acne appears in those who are genetically prone to it. But bodybuilders are more likely to experience it because of the steroids that increase androgenic activity in the body.

The androgens are popular to trigger increased acne. An overall hormonal change is likely to trigger acne too. We can also see a similar phenomenon in teenagers going through hormonal changes.

Accutane Dosage

Bodybuilders generally use very conservative doses of Accutane. Mostly because this condition is triggered by anabolic steroids and because it tends to go away when the use of steroids stops. They use 10-20 mg/day for 6-8 weeks or as long as the cycle length goes. That’s a common plan for steroid users that works great.

That’s why they tend to develop fewer and less intense side effects – doses are much lower compared to people who fight with acne. Doctors generally prescribe doses of 50-150 mg/day. That’s much higher, as we can see.

Because of the long half-life, you can use Accutane only once a day, every day, at the same time of the day. I strongly recommend administering it with a large meal to avoid issues.

You could have multiple treatment courses if required because acne may be recurring. 

Accutane Side Effects

Accutane (Isotretinoin) is a powerful substance and you shouldn’t treat it lightly. Please beware of the side effects.

First off, Accutane has a strong connection with birth defects. Pregnant, lactating, or pre-conceiving women shouldn’t use Accutane!

Teenagers and children shouldn’t use Accutane either (unless prescribed by a doctor). That’s because it may lead to permanently stunted growth!

Other side effects include: inflammatory bowel disease, eye issues, skin issues as well as psychological negative effects. There might be a lot of different symptoms and side effects that you can develop such as:

∙         Dry skin

∙         Decreased vision

∙         Depression

∙         Erectile dysfunction

∙         Diarrhea

∙         Nausea

∙         Low sex drive

∙         Fatigue

∙         And numerous others

Again, bodybuilders seem to be less affected by these side effects with lower chances of appearing because they use less dosage. Nonetheless, it also comes down to personal response too.

Some side effects can be intense and on rare occasions – permanent. In whatever the case, I strongly recommend being careful with it. If you started to develop acne as a result of using steroids, you could still talk to a doctor first.


Try natural methods before trying Accutane to avoid its side effects. Even if you do give Accutane a try, start in a lower dosage. Don’t run higher doses if you don’t need them – the lowest effective ones are the best.

You could try various methods that could help you deal with acne such as dieting, staying hydrated, and using detoxing, and cleansing supplements. First off, try to use Vitamin A supplements. If you’re deficient in this vitamin and acne appears, supplementing with vitamin A could greatly help.

In the end, make sure that at you can buy the best quality Accutane. Only real Isotretinoin is what can help you achieve your goals in terms of treating acne. But again, be very careful with this powerful anti acne product.



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