Substance: Oxymetholone
Manufacturer: Beligas Pharmaceuticals
Pack: 50 tabs (50mg/tab)

Anadrol vs Dianabol

Two of the most popular anabolic steroids for bulking cycles that people often compare are Dianabol vs Anadrol. Both are orally active anabolic and androgenic steroids that are extremely popular for packing on size and gaining muscle mass. They are offering similar benefits and similar side effects and both are highly effective for bulking cycles […]

Anadrol 50mg

Substance: Oxymetholone
Manufacturer: Ryzen Pharmaceuticals
Pack: 50 tabs (50mg/tab)

Anadrol Side Effects

There are various different side effects that Anadrol could possibly cause, pretty much as any other medication out there. Anadrol side effects can be mild or they can be really harsh. It comes down to a lot of different factors such as the dosage you use, cycle length, personal response to this drug, existing health […]

Anadrol Cycle

Run an Anadrol cycle if you’re searching for immense muscle mass gains and you won’t be disappointed. Anadrol 50 (Oxymetholone) is an orally active bulking steroid and is perhaps the most powerful one. It is unlikely you’ll find another oral that can compare with Anadrol in terms of helping with hypertrophy (adding large amounts of […]


Anadrol is popular as one of the most powerful oral steroids. That’s why there’s a lot of people being attracted when hearing about its benefits. But that’s also the reason why checking its side effects would make you think twice. While Anadrol can be extremely effective, it can be extremely nasty in side effects too. […]


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